Bergger Pancro 400

Recently I’ve had the chance to shoot more of this film.  It is an interesting film in that it has two sensitized layers - one with Silver Bromide and the other Silver Iodide.  This is said to give it more latitude when shooting it.  Nominally it is an ISO 400 film.  In my attempts the grain is fairly large at 400 and not as noticeable if shot at 100 . This tendency is found in other films as well - faster you shoot the larger the grain.  I wonder if this two sensitized layer also adds to this disparity?

These shots were all shot at ISO 400 and developed HC110B for 9 minutes. These were shot at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve

These next images all shot at ISO 100 developed Hc110B for 7 minutes.

The last couple of days shooting Pancro 400 and Foma Retropan 320 Soft I was seeing so much grain that I had to look at more standard stocks to reassure myself that I wasn’t doing something wrong in the processing!

No, it’s just that I now know which film stocks that I use can produce huge grain and which are not so grainy.  Several reviews suggested that the author really like the grain as it spoke to them as an old school emulsion.

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