My Little Ukrainian Lens

I recently bought a 1954 Leica IIIf red dial which is the Leica that my Dad had when he taught me photography.   I had a hankering to get back into a really basic setup.  This is the camera that my father had when he taught me photography.  It is a rangefinder which means you don’t actually see what the lens sees.  And in fact the LTM ( Leica Thread Mount) Leica has a separate viewfinder from the split screen rangefinder focusing.  The modern Leica M cameras including the digital ones combine the viewfinder with the rangefinder.

The LTM is off getting a CLA ( cleaning, lube and adjustment).  In the meantime I had very few lenses that are LTM - a crappy Russian lens that I had once took apart just to get it to work - no sure that it focuses correctly.  The other was a more modern Cosina 21/4.

This lead me to ETSY to find some Ukrainian LTM which are ridiculously cheap - like $38 cheap

This link will describe more about this specific lens.  While I await the return of the IIIf I can mount this lens on my Fuji X-T2 with adapters.  Here are some of the photos

Not really bad all things considered.  Given that sharpness is over-rated1

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