A Walk in the Neighborhood

These photos were taken on a 20 min. walk thru my neighborhood.  I had purchased a used camera and needed to take some photos to verify that it worked.  The camera is a bit unusual in that I bought it from someone in Japan and unfortunately it was incorrectly described to me when I bought it.  This is the second time this has happened with a Japanese Ebay purchase - lessen finally learned.  But because it’s a pain to ship it back I decided to keep it.  Anyway it’s a Fujica ( Fujifilm) HD-P which means Heavy Duty - Panorama.  It is water resistant to several meters.  It is all mechanical and it uses zone focusing.  

Anyway - back to the neighborhood - I just took photos of things seen along the way including a dead squirrel, remnants of snow, a truck loaded with hay - the owner Fred and I talked for a bit.  He has 30 head of cattle in San Luis, Colorado - I’ve never been there but it’s the oldest continuously settled town in Colorado.  I will have to put it on the bucket list of places to go.

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