Adobe Love / Hate

I’ve had for a number of years a love hate relationship with Adobe.  When they went to a monthly subscription model I was not happy.  So I switched to Capture One which is a great program.  According to August Dering who teaches on the web - it has one of the best RAW developers out there.  BUT then Capture One went to a subscribe model as well.  GAME OVER>. Then I was tasked with teaching a BW photography course at CPAC and because most folks seem to use ADOBE products I started my subscription to their products.

The benefit of the subscription model is it keeps money flowing into the company hopefully for them to continue to innovate.  This certainly has happened with Photoshop and Lightroom - their latest effort is ” Lens Blur” which is amazing.  One press of a button the program figures out what is the central subject and then blurs the background.

Now this is just a sample - I wouldn’t want to blur this background typically but it gives you a sense of what this new feature offers.

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