Alfie Half Frame Review

I recently received via Kickstarter my Alfie Half Frame camera.  It has a rechargeable battery ( via USB), several different lenses mounted on a rotating lens turret: 33/8, 30/8, 25/56 and finally a pinhole 25/125.  It has a mechanical winding mechanism with rewind without having to set a rewind button. My first trial was a disaster because of the film I was using : Arista EDU 400 which appears to be best shot at ISO 250.  I also didn’t understand which lens I was using - it was easy to miss this detail in the manual.  The images presented here were done with the 33 f/8 lens - as they say not the sharpest tool in the shed.  I will of course try the f/125 pinhole which should help.  I got stuck in one of the menus and couldn’t figure out how to get out of it - Dave at Alfie Cameras was quick to get me straightened out - what he sent me should be in the manual and maybe it will end up there in the next iteration.  The build quality of the plastic body feels really robust.

The images below are clearly soft in their focus.  This is why I will be interested in the f/125.  That being said with the f/8 setting you get the ‘artistic’ crappy plastic camera mode in a half frame.

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