Artist’s Statement

I should say that I am NOT a fan of the Artist Statement.  Most are pretentious, unintelligible and do not lead to a better understanding of the artist.  The simpler the better.  I have had to put together one as a requisite to entering photo contests.  I didn’t even write it myself!  I had Vicki do it.  

I did just read the above captioned book about artist statements which is a parody of the subject.  The first one in the book is a fill in the blank template!

Here now is my AS

I was 13 when my father taught me my first photographic techniques. Re-invigorated by the love of this hobby we shared, I’ve kept a camera close by since his passing in 1996. Now, there’s nothing more relaxing than spending an hour, day or weekend with a camera in hand. The majority of my photographic body of work can be divided into three categories:  landscapes, still life and ironic images.

Landscapes. Being born in a small prairie town—Simla, CO—instilled in me a deep appreciation for open space, the pace of rural life and a life-long love of clouds.

Still Life Human hands have arranged most of the objects I like to shoot.

Ironic Images. Unintended humor is all around us. Capturing the unplanned juxtaposition of images, thoughts and people easily amuses me.

I hope you enjoy the images I’ve photographed as much as I’ve enjoyed the experience of shooting them.

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