Bad Film and Camera - Bad Combination

I have a couple of compact cameras and decided I’d like to sell one or several.  As I was testing the Nikon 35Ti it became clear that the funky analog display was not working as it should - the aperture can be set but not displayed properly.  So I can’t really sell the camera except at a deep discount.  I wanted to verify that everything else worked so I picked out some C41 film that I wouldn’t be unhappy if it got ruined.  Thus the bad camera + bad film Thanksgiving 2020 experiment.

Of course this is no way to run a proper experiment but hey it’s MY experiment.  The film’s name escapes me but basically they take normal C41 film and wind it on the spool backwards so that there is a red tint to all the exposures.  Not really all that pleasing ( not sure why I bought it in the first place).  So I took the film into black and white , tweaked it a bit in Affinity Photo ( Photoshop alternative) and got usable photos.

The last image was shot thru a window and the autofocus focused not he window not the scene.  The out of focus rendering is pleasing to my eye so it stays.

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