Canon AE1 with Tri-X

The obligatory test roll when you get a new camera.  For me this was a new to me Canon AE1.  This was my first SLR.  My father went out and he bought two of ‘em - one for me and one for him.  They are cheap to buy and the lenses are also at the bottom of the price heap.  This one was purchased at Blue Moon Camera

The Tri-X was also a bit unusual as I long ago stopped shooting this film - not really because I didn’t like it but more to try something else.  All these years I shot mostly Ilford :  HP5+ and Delta 400.  Well I was told several years ago that the updated Tri-X was finer grained than T Max 400!  I hadn’t read the manual thoroughly on the AE1 and a handful of shots were way off on exposure but all frames came out usable!!  This is why you shoot Trip-X.  Developed in HC110 B.

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