Centura - The Worst

I believe that many corporations are bad - I only have experience  with one medical corporation up close and that’s Centura which is an amalgamation of CHI ( Catholic Health Initiative) and the Adventist Church.  As the petition states orange Flight for Life plane and helicopter colors are themselves their own brand.  They’ve been around for over 50 years and now administration wants to change colors to better fit in with their brand.  Estimated cost to repaint the fleet $1 million or more. I was only given a 3% raise this year - about a third of inflation.  But they have money to repaint equipment that doesn’t need this.

A couple of months ago this same CEO pleaded with staff not to bring in the union.  This is why you need a union because clearly Administration is clueless as what a health systems priorities should be.  I am in the enviable position of being a part time worker .  So if Centura ever reads this:

1] It’s called freedom of Speech

2] It’s called truth to power

3] Peter Banko save your BS proclamations about God’s love and the work we do on his behalf.  Try walking the walk for once

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