Chicago Reunion

40th Medical School Reunion - we are the class of 1981 but because of COVID last years reunion was postponed until this year.  The weather was gloomy but then it’s Chicago and we should be prepared for this.  It didn’t dampen our spirits in the least!

We were told we’d have a view of The Watertower - but I misheard and apparently we got a view of ‘A’ watertower!

Late Entry:  Turns out the reunion may have been a super spreader event as at least four people in our group came down with COVID - including Vicki ( for the 2nd time).  As expected it hit people who only had the initial vaccine ( Vicki) as well as folks with a 2nd Booster.  I had the 2nd Booster about 3 weeks before the reunion so I don’t know if this was what protected me.

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