Connections - a new book

The idea behind connections came from the understanding that at certain points in time and in certain locations there was a critical mass of creative talent. Sometimes it is a location that thru the decades has played host to this talent. At other times the location spawns the nuturing of many talents all rubbing elbows with each other. It is a variation of the “6 degress of separation” game. It is also a novel way to teach history in an organic way. No longer should history be taught simply as a timeline to be memorized. Attaching signficance to each entry in the history book and linking it to others is a better way. Think:

Santa Fe – seeing luminaries in Science ( Manhattan project) , Architeture ( Mary Ann Colter and John Meems) and the Arts ( O’Keeffe)

Los Angeles – in the 1960’s

Paris in the 1950’s and the 1920’s

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