CPAC Members Show

SPECIAL NOTE. - this blog entry was from over a year ago that somehow never got published.  I am publishing it now to show how things can change.  I originally took this photograph in April, 2000 at a garage sale.  I liked the sentiment it expressed as everyone has at one time or another said they’d like to be in charge and things would be different.

Fast forward to 2021 and this amongst a few other Dr. Seuss books have been decommissioned but the Dr. Seuss Foundation - they weren’t selling well and there were distinct racist overtones in the book.  The book was NOT banned as I erroneously posted to Instagram but taken out of circulation.  I am not sure how I feel about this.  How are people in the future gonna know that this type of publishing was acceptable into the 21st century?

This was my entry into CPAC ( Colorado Photographic Arts Center) members show.  I was selected so I felt like I had won even though I didn’t.  Only one photo sold so I shouldn’t feel bad about not selling my photo.  To be truthful I spent too much on the framing and therefore if I sold it I would be a -$50.  Not selling means I get to keep it.

I just scanned this one in again today ( roll 377) and it was shot on a high end point and shoot - Hexar with 35/2 lens.  Just shows what you can do with a good point and shoot.  

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