DAM You should know better!

I recently posted a Black and White photo of the Denver Art Museum ( DAM) to my instagram account.  I then got this reply from them:

I never heard from them, not that I really expected them to.  I then proceeded to skewer them on Instagram:

I posted a picture of the Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum (DAM) the other day. I got this response from DAM. No they haven’t asked to see my release document. So apparently if you are an artist DAM feels that they can get artist to do work for free. Not even an offer of a gratis pass or year’s membership. They do ask permission which is good but that’s the least they could do. Artist should not have to work for free. And no you can’t use ‘exposure’ to pay for gas or groceries. 

In the past I’ve tried to go on their web page to engage DAM in a discussion about their photography department. No place to really contact their leadership or board of directors. So I guess I will use this forum to say your photography department sucks. 

I don’t expect to hear anything from them but it’s worth reminding these people about what they are asking for

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