Diane Arbus - Photographer you need to Know

I have been a big fan of Diane Arbus for a long time.  So much so that my dachshund - lab mix was named Arbus.  Diane is known for taking photos of “freaks” and given that my dog is definitely different I thought Arbus was an appropriate name.  Her reputation for taking pictures of freaks was and is inaccurate.  Susan Sontag in a famous editorial slammed her for taking advantage of people on the fringes.  Arbus on the other hand called her subjects freaks because that’s what they called themselves.  And how convenient for Sontag to attack Arbus several years after her death by suicide.  I suspect that Sontag never spoke to Arbus to get a better understanding of her style of photography and selection of subjects.  On the other hand in previous blog posts I’ve indicated my disdain for Sontag - her book ” On Photography” is to me an incomprehensible word salad.  People still swoon over her.  Anyway please enjoy this short YouTube.

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