Early Success is NOT a Predictor

I  visited the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Denver to see the exhibit of Francesca Woodman - a photographer that I DON’T hold in high esteem.  It was interesting that some of her early work is not bad compared to the photos that she took later on. Just us my opinion.

I had one her books and sold it soon after I got it.  Because I didn’t get was so earth shattering about her work.  In part I think her early death from suicide gives her work some bizarre cache’

Then I started to think about other photographers who started off Amazing and then went downhill.  The first to come to mind is Robert Frank whose The Americans is in my opinion THE best photography book ever published.  Then his stuff kind of goes to crap.

The first photo is as iconic as it gets.  The next two are totally forgettable.

The next person that came to mind was Roger Ballen

Same story here.  So early success is never a guarantee of lifelong success.

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