EZ400 = Fomapan 400

I purchased a few rolls of EZ400 which is brought to us by New Classic Films - classic BW film in a cardboard container instead of plastic.   Thought it was a great idea.  Shot the roll and was very impressed.  It is a classic film and so the grain is present in classic amounts.  Then I did some research and while everyone is raving about it someone on some forum mentions that it is just Fomapan 400 repackaged.  EZ 400 has the same development times as Fomapan over 5 different developers.  That repackaging will cost you about $2.00 more per roll.  [ EZ 400 at $9 and Fomapan at $6.99]. I also learned that 100 ft of Fomapan is very cheap at $69 - most other well known films are closer to $100.  Live and learn.

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