Fairplay, Colorado

Once again spending the weekend camping here in Colorado.  What a great state to live in.  I am thankful that most tourists go to Rocky Mountain National Park in Estes, Colorado and make that their Colorado experience.  Leaves the rest of the glorious state to us natives!!

Fairplay is right at 10,000 ft ASL.  From here there any number of places one can go including Alma at 11,000 ft and Breckenridge.   

Our trip to Breckenridge was simply to go to the distillery.  As is typical for most distilleries, they start with Vodka and Gin as there is no maturation time like Whiskey or Bourbon.  I favored the 86 proof straight bourbon.  It was $44 which is average.  They had a single barrel for $199 which is way too much to spend.  They also had Scandinavian Ocuvite which is horrible in my opinion.  Not sure why as I can imagine that it has limited demand.

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