First Slides Film developed

I shot two rolls of Ektachrome 100 on my trip thru Wyoming and Montana.  I opted for the Cinestill three bath kit.  Now that I’m on this kick to develop my. own color this was the logical progression.  It is more complicated than C41 but not significantly different.  Imagine my horror when I looked at the film after development and found everything so dark.  I have some ideas of what I may have done wrong.  I tried scanning on my most sophisticated scanner and it was a total disaster.  I switched to my Nikon LS4000 - been with me for at least 17 years.  This scanner saved the day!!  I’m back to thinking of shooting more chromes - the only negative is the high cost of slide film today. Whether it’s Kodak or Fuji it’s around $17 per roll !! ce la vie

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