Fuji Acros II first roll

Fujifilm announced a ways back that they were re-introducing Acros as Across II.  It is claimed that it’s the finest grain ISO 100 film out there.  I had not shot much of it all when it was discontinued.  Mystical thinking has always led me to try new cameras and/or film thinking this would improve my photography - NOT!  But having a new film to try is always fun.  It became available November 22, 2019 only in Japan.  There was some rumors that it would not be shipped to the US.  I found it on Global Rakuten and within a few short days had three rolls to play with.  Shot with the Leica M7 and the Voightlander 40/1.4 here are the results.  I goofed up on the ISO setting and shot it at ISO 80; HC110 - B for 5 minutes. ( Massive Development app said 4.5 minutes but that’s too short a development time IMHO).

Another curious item about the re-release is the box itself.  At the bottom it says ‘Made in the UK” The film forums have been working overtime to figure out what this means?  The box was made in the UK, the film, what?

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