Happy Go Lucky

Well foks I’ve finished another boot.  This is good for me as I have tons of books but don’t read that much.  I also have tended to start 3 or 4 books at once intending to finish them but haven’t so far.

I told someone that this book is for me what some people read and call a trashy romance novel - I didn’t learn anything, couldn’t quote anything per se.  But it was fun.  I’ve read about 6 of his books and it’s like meeting an old friend - you get reacquainted with his family.  This time the topics are about the pandemic, his aging father who grew up in Cortland, NY and I think may have attended Syracuse University or spent time in Syracuse ( who hasn’t spent time in Syracuse?) 

So was the book good?  It’s sort of like asking how the peanut butter was - it’s a staple.  Yes if you have read one of his books you have read them all and yet they are each in their own right very entertaining. So let’s just leave it at that.

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