Hunkering @ Home

In the age of COVID19 we are all having to find ways to stay busy without leaving our abodes.  As an introvert this is a little easier for me compared to my mate who loves to leave the house for hours at a time to shop.  She’ll go grocery shopping at three different stores.  If I were to do the shopping it would one place only.  But I digress…. so far I’ve taken to:

1] clean out my inbox on three email accounts

2] bug the hell out of my two dogs, taking pictures of them

3]Scanned about 5 rolls of film with 5 more coming in the mail

4]gotten back into yoga and some exercise 

5] limited my meals to 2 in order to loose weight - down 2.5 lbs!

6] Try to avoid buying more cameras on the internets - so far successful

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