Last Trip before Quarantine

Little did we know or expect that this would be our last trip for awhile because of COVID19 Hunkering at Home.  We took the Airstream out for a trip to Lake Havasu.  This was to join the Arizona Unit and many others for Bluegrass on the Beach festival.  From there we went to Boulder City, Nevada for a mini-Rally with some other Airstreamers.

While not a big Bluegrass aficionado I found myself really liking the music.  Favorite phrase during the concerts was “Standing in the need of Prayer”

Can’t have Lake Havasu without a little boat action.  We rented a 20 foot boat and had Gene Blanchard pilot it as I know next to nothing about running a boat.

Next we headed up to Boulder City which is a cute historical town - was the base of operations for the construction of the Hoover Dam. Here we met out friends, Tom and Natalie Balchak and we brought Gene and Kathy Blanchard with.  This was our mini-rally

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