More Plastic Photography

Ricoh RZ 1050 - I purchased this from Blue Moon Camera as ‘new old stock’ which means the camera is new but it’s from old stock - usually not being produced anymore.  This one has that 90’s look of a crappy plastic designed for a forgotten style.  While that may be true it does have a lot of nice features.  Consumer Alert: do not ever buy this camera.  I just got the negatives back and while there were some useful images the hit rate was really bad.  It can’t focus worth a damn for anything closer than about 6 to 8 feet.  Several of the negatives had side to side scratch - don’t know if it was the camera of the developer who is rather sketchy or should I say scratchy?  I can’t really use this camera because I will never know what I’m gonna get.  I did better with the Harman all plastic point and pray camera.  At least I got 2 rolls of film and the camera for ~$25.

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