Nikon 35i

This is from Ken Rockwell’s review:

“The Nikon 35Ti was a rich guy’s vacation camera. The model name means 35(mm lens) and Titanium covers. It cost about a grand ($1,000) when it came out in 1993. 

The Nikon 35Ti is one of the very best non-SLR 35mm film cameras ever made, and has one of the best lenses ever put on a 35mm camera by anyone.

In 2009, the Nikon 35Ti remains a fantastic film camera, especially if you value technical image quality. The 35Ti has a real Nikon Matrix meter, and give great results even with picky Fuji Velvia 50 slide film. 

Because of the Matrix meter and extraordinary lens, the Nikon 35Ti is the best compact film camera ever made for landscape, nature and fine art photography.

For speed and ease-of-use by a pro photographer, especially for people photography, the Konica Hexar operates and focuses more quickly. The Hexar’s meter is as primitive as a Leica, meaning its only an old center-weighted meter. The old style meters, like Leicas and the Hexar, require constant babysitting and exposure compensation to yield perfect slide exposures. Because of this, the Hexar is best used with negative film. 

The Nikon 35Ti is best for careful photos of things. The Konica Hexar is best for people, action, news and sports.”

I’ve pretty much decided that this is the camera I’m taking to Japan in 6 weeks.  I’ve also realized that for best results use fresh film.  Duh?  I’ve gotten away with using out of date film but unless you want to do lots of post scanning processing it’s best to use the fresh stuff.  

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