Oh, I see they brought a clown too

This was a funny interlude this week at work.  I work at a Centura owned medical facility in SW Kansas ( Garden City) and the folks have decided that they would do a road trip to all their facilities in Colorado and Kansas to record stories from employees ( were actually all called associates ) about how great Centura is and the mission that we are doing. I have no problems with this and actually recorded a 1 min. spiel about MY mission.  Anyway they come out with a full sized bus, they had treats, three comfort dogs which are always awesome.  I met with the production person who is from LA.  Very nice lady with a British accent.  Well as we were getting close to the display area one of the floor nurses sees this lady and says spontaneously - “Oh look they even brought a clown!!”  This is the difference between dressing in LA and rural Kansas

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