Lucky Dragon 5

A little article on the NHK - Japanese TV feed come on while I was working out and it’s work a mention.

One of the last remaining fisherman from the Lucky Dragon 5 died at age 87:

A former crew member of a Japanese fishing boat exposed to the nuclear fallout from a 1954 US nuclear test in the Pacific has died.

Masaho Ikeda died of stomach cancer in a hospital in Fujieda City in Shizuoka Prefecture on Thursday. He was 87 years old. His relatives say he had also suffered esophagus and liver cancer.

Ikeda was an engine driver of the tuna fishing boat Daigo Fukuryu Maru, meaning “Number 5 Lucky Dragon.” The boat carrying a 23-member crew was operating when the US carried out the hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands on March 1, 1954.

Ikeda kept silent about his experience initially, but nearly 60 years later, he began sharing his story with younger generations.

He and other former crew members gave accounts of their experiences in a documentary by a US film director released last year.

Last February, Ikeda attended a funeral of another former crew member, Susumu Misaki, who died at the age of 92. Ikeda had said Misaki was like a brother to him.

More from Wikipedia:

The Daigo Fukuryū Maru ( translated is Lucky Dragon 5 ) encountered the fallout from the U.S. Castle Bravo nuclear test at Bikini

Atoll, near the Marshall Islands, on March 1, 1954.   (This was a 15 Megaton bomb) When the test was held, the Daigo Fukuryū Maru was catching fish outside the danger zone that the U.S. government had declared in advance.

However, the test was more than twice as powerful as predicted, and changes in weather patterns

blew nuclear fallout, in the form of a fine ash, outside the danger zone. On that day, the sky in

the west lit up like a sunset. Seven minutes later, the sound of the explosion arrived, with fallout

reaching the ship two hours later. The fishermen attempted to escape from the area, but they

took time to retrieve fishing gear from the sea, exposing themselves to radioactive fallout for several hours.

The fallout – fine white flaky dust of calcinated Bikini Island coral, which absorbed highly radioactive fission products and

neutron activated isotopes – fell on the ship for three hours. The fishermen scooped the highly radioactive dust into bags

with their bare hands. One fisherman, Matashichi Oishi, reported that he “took a lick” of the dust that fell on his ship,

describing it as gritty but with no taste.[10] The dust stuck to surfaces, bodies and hair; after the radiation sickness

symptoms appeared, the fishermen called it shi no hai ( 死の灰, death ash).

This true story was the basis of the kaiju story Godzilla otherwise known as Gojia that was released November 1954

It’s been said that the US government did little to help the Japanese authorities figure out how to treat these victims.  Another black mark on the US!

From This Place

Pat Metheny’s new album is more like his old stuff I would opine.  Maybe this is good it’s just different.  Comes on the heels of the sad news of Lyle Mays death.  Keyboardist and major inspiration for the Pat Metheny Group in it’s founding days.  I think Lyle would have approved of this album I’m sure

Fatal case of G.A.S.

G.A.S. is Gear Acquisition Syndrome - for many like me it ain’t a syndrome but a dang disease!  I made the acquaintance of someone on Instagram who goes by the name “girlwithtoomanycameras” with 40.  I happened to do camera inventory yesterday because it was cold and snowy out.  To my surprise I had 31 last nite but then found two more.  So I am now I am “guywithtoomanycamerasbutnotasmanyasdanielle”

Prairie Madness is Published

Prairie Madness is now out for publication by

Without trying, I have slowly been doing a project about prairie photography.  I am generally not a ‘project’ photographer being distracted all the time.  But if you take enough subject based photos you end up with a project.  I have been taking prairie photographs for awhile and it went into high gear when my job took me to Western Kansas.  I would typically drive and weather permitting would take the back roads into Kansas.  I loved being able to pull to the side of the road and snap photos.  I had some wild adventures such as driving 106 mph to avoid a hail storm in my new car!

My goal for this new book is to get more people to look and buy it.  In it’s current form its a bit on the expensive side but this is the nature of self-publishing in one and two quantities.  I decided that I would in the very near future reach out to several prairie preservation organizations to see if they can ‘boost my signal’ as it were for promise of monetary support coming from the sale of the book.  Here are a few more pictures from the book

Photo Equipment Nirvana

The promise of cheap film equipment has been illusory at best.  I think it was true maybe 5-10 years ago when people were dumping their film equipment on the market.  Then as the used film market started to mature things have sky-rocketed.  Certain models more so than others based on what the hipsters are doing.  Case in point is the Leica M6.  Several years ago I purchased a pristine example for $1500.  I chided myself for spending this amount when there were other ones for $1200.  Like a fool I sold it some time later.  Now if I wanted that same camera I’d have to pay $2500.  An increase in $1000 in just 4 or 5 years!!  A similar M7 goes for about the same and it’s a better camera in my opinion.

Well I finally purchased the Nirvana camera pictured above.  Canon EOS 55QD for $48 from Used Photo Pro. They have a bunch just sitting there to be purchased.  Yes they’re made of hardened plastic but they have about every bell and whistle there is.  I bought one along with a 40/2.8 pancake lens all for about $110.  So instead of pining for a used M6 that you can’t afford, go for something that’s a real bargain. 

PhotoVOX 2/2020

CPAC is the Colorado Photographic Arts Center located in downtown Denver.  It’s a gallery space, wet and digital darkroom all in one location.  They offer classes and once a month they host PhotoVox which is talks, discussion and display members works.  Last nite was a very nice, informal show your work nite for 6 fearless photographers.

New old Stock…….

or is it Old new stock?  What it means is that the product has never been opened but it’s from a previous era.  The Konica Centuria 80e is not available anymore.  Are there ANY film point and shoots of any ability still for sale?  Not really.  But Safelight Berlin advertised them for less than 100euros so I was in.  I shot the film that was included which was out of date 2006.  Color film does not age well like wine so there were color shifts that had to be dealt with.  

Hell to da Naw Naw Naw


Mmm (C’mon, Bishop)

Mmm-mm-mmm, yeah (Yeah)

Mmm-mm-mmm (Listen)

(Let it go, let it go)

[Verse 1]

My name Bishop Bullwinkle

I got the First Church of Nothing but the Truth (What you say?)

Deacon Kyle, Deacon George, Deacon Clay

Open up the door and try to move

First I want to thank God

For the blood running warm in my veins (Yeah)

I thank God for my life, health and strength

I got a sound mind, I’m not insane (Come on)

I ain’t gonna preach too long

Ain’t gonna take this service too far

My sermon’s in the morning

Hell to the naw, naw, naw

Come on, come on


Hell naw, to the naw, naw, naw (Hell to the naw)

Hell to the naw, to the naw, naw, naw (Listen)

[Verse 2]

Sister Ella, Sister Ruth, make sure that everybody get a seat

(C’mon, y’all)

Sister Lilly may go back in the kitchen

‘Cause she when it get through, I need to eat (I mustn’t)

Fix me collard greens and cornbread and rice

Chicken breast, ox tails on the side

(That’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout)

Deacon Underwood, get my Bentley ready

‘Cause when it get through, I need a ride

Doctor West, count the money, count the money

Come back and tell us what ya raised

(Well, had to find another, did you?)

I got the people, they looking for some blessings

First God gotta get the praise (C’mon, y’all)

See, there’s an old saying

When the praises go up, you get the blessing coming down

I got some peoples in the church

God almighty look at ‘em, they messing around


Hell naw, to the naw, naw, naw (Hell to the naw)

Hell to the naw, to the naw, naw, naw (Listen)

[Verse 3]

I got peoples in the church smokin’ weed, drinkin’ whiskey

They drinkin’ a lot of gin (What you say?)

I got the preacher with the night prayer leading

Talking about, “Can I get a amen?” (C’mon)

Early Sunday morning

‘Bout a quarter and a half past the ten (Yeah)

I got some people, they comin’ off the street

God almighty look at ‘em, they strollin’ in (They need help)

They layin’ at the altar

They confessin’ their sins, yeah (Come my way)

Time you see ‘em Monday morning

Doing the same thing again (Hypocrite, hypocrite)


Hell naw, to the naw, naw, naw (Hell to the naw)

Hell to the naw, to the naw, naw, naw (Listen)

[Verse 4]

Got kids dropping out of school

Talking about they don’t want to learn

Yet they’re standing on the corner rolling blunts

Talking about, come on let’s burn

(Y’all better get back to school)

I got kids walking up and down the street

Pants hanging down around their knees

(Pull them pants up)

Talking about that they’re looking for a job

When I see ‘em jitter bug, I say please

See all they ever talk about, brag about

Who got the biggest and the baddest gun

Time they see the copper with the bubble top

They drop the gun, they want to run (Put them guns down)

And now the sheriff got ‘em locked up, hah

They sitting in the county jail (It’s a shame)

I heard their mama, she was crying all night

She can’t get no money for the bail

And now they’re mad with the home boys

‘Cause they didn’t put no money in the commissary

(Free to go, naw)

Be glad you’re in the jail, brother man

You were sure headed for the cemetery (C’mon, wait)

There’s an old saying

That a hard head make a soft behind (Yeah)

Well, since you did the crime, go on and do the time

Stop the baby crying, come on, come on


Hell naw, to the naw, naw, naw (Hell to the naw)

Hell to the naw, to the naw, naw, naw (Listen)

[Verse 5]

When people talk about ya

All you gotta do is let ‘em talk much as they please

(That what they gon’ do, y’all)

‘Cause all you gotta do is get down on your knees

(Tell the Lord about it)

You tell God about it and I guarantee

He will never leave you alone (Yeah)

All you gotta do is tell the Devil

“Hell naw, won’t you leave me ‘lone?” (Devil, leave)


Hell naw (Come on, wait)

To the naw, naw, naw (Come on, come on)

Hell to the naw, to the naw, naw, naw

Hell naw-naw, to the naw-naw, to the naw-naw, naw-naw

To the naw-naw, to the naw-naw, hell to the naw-naw, hah

To the naw-naw, naw, naw, hell to the naw

Naw, naw, naw, naw, hell to the naw-naw

Ralph Bull Photographer of Central NY

You know how some photographers are immediately identified with a city or region.  Like  W. Euegene Smith is with Pittsburgh well I seemed to have stumbled upon the Central NY equivalent in Ralph Bull.  Having lived in this area for many years the images all ring true.  The photo above shows a sunny day but in the winter this is a rarity so I had to use it.  While we’re at it here are some other examples:

Ralph Eugene Meatyard for Lexington , Kentucky

Milton Rogovin for Buffalo, NY

Richard Nickels - Golden Era Architecture of Chicago

The Bomb

A very interesting and scary look into how nuclear arms post WWII were handled by the armed forces and the government.  Battling between the armed services ended up giving control of all nucs to SAC ( Strategic Air Command) based in Omaha and run by General Curtis LeMay.  His idea that there is no ‘little’ war and that we should be all in with EVERY nuc we have at the same time.  Well the problem was that there were little wars such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Berlin Crisis neither of which really required armed confrontation thanks to the strong wits of JFK.

Atomic Stupidity 1950’s America

What the hell were we thinking.  Glorifying the atomic bomb!  

I have no idea what these half naked women are doing.  The second one, Duck and Cover was the best that the US government could come up with to protect it’s citizens in case of a nuclear attack.  “Kiss your Ass Goodbye” would be a more appropriate title.  The rest  are just stupid.

A Picture of No Consequence

This picture is worth a lot to me but it’s a picture of no consequence.  The first picture was taken in the late 60’s - Al was still at home and the picture is hanging in our basement of the Marilyn Rd. house.  The next picture is from our spare bedroom .  Was just now able to find that this is a Lithography by  Tucson artist, Ray Strang (1893-1957) and that it sold at auction in the mid-2000’s for $800 - who knew.  But I also saw that another copy sold for as little as $20.  It was also used with modifications by Texas country singer Robert Earl Keen on his “Bigger Piece of Sky” album cover.  It is officially called “Slow Poke”

Back to Ray Strang:Ray C. Strang (1893 in Sandoval, Illinois, United States – 1957) was an American Western artist and illustrator. He was educated in Centralia, Illinois, and attended the Art Institute of Chicago, Art Students League of New York and New York School of Fine and Applied Arts. Strang’s education was interrupted by The Great War, in which he was wounded in the Forest of Argonne. During World War II, he took part in the Consair art colony at the Tucson division of the Consolidated Aircraft corporation. For 17 years Strang was a successful illustrator in New York for such magazines as The Saturday Evening Post, The American Magazine, Ladies’ Home Journal, Country Home Country Gentleman and Harper’s. He created covers for Dodd, Mead and Company and other publishers. He then went West to become a well-known painter who specialized in nostalgic depictions of the Wild West and the prairie life. His paintings hung in many galleries, including Grand Central palace in New York, Bender Gallery in Kansas City, Alden Gallery in St. Louis, the Chicago Art Institute and the New York Art Center. His most famous painting was a work called “Slow Poke”, of
which there were many reproductions printed. Strang was an active member of the Fine Arts Association, Palette and Brush club and belonged to the Salmagundi Club of New York City. He had a ranch near Safford Peak in the Picture Rocks section of the Tucson Mountains, where he died in 1957. Ray Strang did many paintings including “Playmates” which is a canvas painting of two foals.
He married and had a son.

Komiyama Book Store, Tokyo

Thought I would insert this random post about this fabulous book store we visited in October, 2019 on our trip to Japan. Obviously heavy on Japanese photographers, but this was what I was interested in.  The clerk spoke English and this was a big help.  I ended up buying this cute book by Yasuhiro Ishimoto because I wanted a small book as packing for the trip home would be tricky.  She helped me find just what I was looking for.

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