You Must Unload - Lyrics

This new album by Ry Cooder and his son Joachim is a do-over of ancient gospel tunes.  I think it’s great although some of the reviews have been less than stellar.  I bring you the lyrics of “You Must Unload”

Now you fashion-loving christians sure give me the blues
You must unload, you must unload
You’ll never get to heaven in your jewel-encrusted high-heel shoes
You must, you must unload

For the way is straight and narrow and few are in the road
Brothers and sisters, there is no other hope
If you’d like to get to heaven and watch eternity unfold
You must, you must unload

And you money-loving christians, you refuse to pay your share
You must unload, you must unload
Trying to get to heaven on the cheapest kind of fare
You must, you must unload


And you power-loving christians in your fancy dining cars
You must unload, you must unload
We see you drinking whiskey and smoking big cigars
You must, you must unload

Columbus, Indiana

On the way home from the Airstream Caravan in Kentucky we went to Columbus, Indiana.  This small midwest city made it their vision to support cutting edge architecture.  This put them on the map as a destination.  We had a wonderful Sunday bus tour of some of their iconic buildings, sculptures, etc.

As we were leaving the campground outside of Columbus we were treated to this nice sunrise.

Our Friend Greg

One of the benefits of our travel to Kentucky this last month was to be able to see our friend Greg. At one point we were arguing who was the better friend myself or my wife Vicky. We never came to any conclusion but did have a good time with Greg. We visited the University Kentucky Art Museum where the Ralph Eugene Meatyard exhibit was displayed. We went to the”castle” outside of Lexington for dinner. These are just a couple of shots that I made on film of that visit

Lexington Camera Club and Ralph Eugene Meatyard

Ralph Eugene Meatyard Exhibit at the Univ. of Kentucky Art Museum in Lexington.  Visited with Vicki and our friend Greg who lives in Lexington.  Greg belongs to the Lexington Camera Club , the same one Meatyard did back in the day. From an exhibit about the Lexington Camera Club 

During its heyday, the Lexington Camera Club was one of the more experimental groups of photographers outside of art hubs like New York or Chicago. What’s more, the club’s members—comprised of opticians, lawyers, and writers—differentiated themselves from their counterparts in bigger cities by allowing the idiosyncrasies of their environment to inspire their photographic explorations.

Club mentors Van Deren Coke and Ralph Eugene Meatyard encouraged their peers to employ multiple exposures, out-of-focus techniques, and compositions that deliberately made use of the play between light and shadows when making photographs. The resulting images often incorporate aspects of life in Kentucky: family, nature, and daily life are recurring themes within the club’s work.

The distinctions of the Lexington Camera Club are the subjects of Kentucky Renaissance: The Lexington Camera Club and Its Community, 1954-1974 currently on view at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The exhibition is a testament to the club’s profound dedication to expanding the definition of photographic output, often through publications and partnerships as well as the photographs themselves. In the exhibition, works by Meatyard and Coke are presented alongside images made by Zygmunt S. Gierlach, James Baker Hall, Robert C. May, Guy Mendes, Thomas Merton, Cranston Ritchie, and Charles Traub.

What a Month I’ve Had

I’ve been absent from my blog on account of traveling by trailer to Kentucky for an Airstream Caravan.  16 states are represented in the Caravan - we all met and traveled together for a month thru the state of Kentucky - It was aptly named Bourbon in the Bluegrass.  I’ve been busy doing a blog for that group

I promise to put more interesting details soon on THIS blog

No Fi

On the caravan most RV parks have NoFi which means I have to log into the internet world teathered to my phone using it’s 3-4G connection.  I hate these RV parks that advertise WiFi and then it’s shit and when you ask them they just shrug their shoulders.  Time to look for a Starbucks

Guns and Bibles

It struck me today as we were traveling down I 70 in Missouri that there is this duality of billboards.  On the one hand there are those for Porn @ exit whatever.  Competing for you soul are the boards letting you know that Jesus is in fact real.

And then there’s the middle ground - buying stuff to blow shit up with

This reminds me of the Obama quote of 2008.  It was an “ill advised” statement if you’re being politically correct but at the same time absolutely true:

Obama was caught in an uncharacteristic moment of loose language. Referring to working-class voters in old industrial towns decimated by job losses, the presidential hopeful said: “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

Gary Winogrand Movie - trailer

Looks very good from the trailer.  Will have to hunt it down when it comes out.  I’ve always been a bit disturbed by him having thousands of undeveloped rolls of film.  I get ansy if I have two rolls that haven’t been processed.  I’m always sure that I have an absolute gem of a negative just waiting to be revealed by the chemicals.  But that’s me

Colorado State Patrol Track 2017

This is footage of the Chris Sarian track day at the Colorado State Patrol track in Golden , CO.  I’m in there somewhere.  It’s a nice little track, 1.4 miles in length.  Not as technical as High Plains Raceway but as I learned last weekend, there are some definite right and wrong ways to take the corners.  This year there was the threat of : Deer wandering onto the track, rattlesnakes in the bush and brush fires!!

Bellamy Hunt Interview

Bellamy Hunt is the man behind Japan Camera Hunter. An Englishman who lives in Japan.  He can source you cameras that may be hard to find in the ‘States’.  As he says in the this interview he doesn’t do compacts anymore.  He has also set up a film distribution trade selling JCH400.  I’ve shot this film and it does an admirable job.

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