Sites on the way to Kansas

Easter Sunday finds me traveling for work to Kansas.  I frequently travel on Highway 36. which takes me thru Cope, Colorado.  This small village has seen better days but for things to photograph it can’t be beat.  

U.S. Route 36 (US 36) is an east–west United States highway that travels approximately 1,414 miles (2,276 km) from Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado to Uhrichsville, Ohio. The highway’s western terminus is at Deer Ridge Junction, an intersection in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, where it meets US 34. Its eastern terminus is at US 250 in Uhrichsville, Ohio

Color Mission

As I frequently do, I take the back roads to my job in Kansas and I have started to routinely go thru Cope, Colorado which is very close to the Colorado-Kansas border.  On the I found someone who also takes photos in Cope which is really random and rare given that this town is almost defunct.  So without announcing this as a competition we each show the other our latest “captures”

This roll of film was shot on Adox Color Mission which is a re-release of one of their older formulas.  At first I wasn’t sure what was so special about the film but this roll really sparkled for me, especially the rendering of the blue sky.  I also processed this myself using Cinestill’s 2 bath kit.

Elon Musk

Pretty much the last person I would trust.  He’s an Oligarch and that’s the problem. He does what he wants and virtually has no one to answer to.


On my last trip to Kansas I went on Highway 36 which takes you thru Cope, Colorado.  It has some interesting buildings there some of which are abandoned.  Over on there is another photographer who has several Cope pictures which is insane to think that there’s anyone stopping by to take pictures but there you are.

This photo was shot on Ilford HP5+ and developed in Caffenol Delta formula.  I was surprised that it even came out and not really a bad negative.

Robert Weinberg MOP

This exhibit is both part of the Denver Month of Photography and an exhibit at History Colorado.  

This is from the photographer himself:

During the fall of 1966, working as a VISTA volunteer in East St. Louis, Illinois, I purchased a Canon SLR camera and started to photograph fellow volunteers and anything that caught my eye. In time, my passion for photography grew and I was looking for a school to learn commercial photography. I graduated from Colorado Mountain College in 1975 with an associate’s degree in commercial photography. 

I worked for a variety of photo businesses in the 70’s and 80’s and started my own business in the mid 80’s. I was working as a photojournalist and specializing in portrait photography and creating abstract photo images. In the mid 90’s I started to lose a significant amount of my vision and was legally blind. I have been living with vision loss for 24 years. Even with this small amount of vision, I continue to photograph. 

After closing my business in 2003, I was hired to work in a Base Supply Center at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, Colorado. Envision is a nonprofit agency that is aimed at helping the blind community gain independence through knowledge and skill. The photos shown on the website are a variety of black and white, and a series of color jump shots. The jump photos guide us away from the anxiety of the pandemic and energize us with fun and humor!

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