Ventures on a Saturday

Ventures doing Walk Dont Run originally written in 1954 by Johnny Smith who was a guitar professional living in Colorado Springs, CO where I grew up.  I took lessons at his music store until is was determined that I had absolutely not a single shred of talent.  Best to leave this to professionals was what I was told!

Silver State Challenge

The Silver State Challenge is open road racing along a 90 mile stretch of highway 318 north of Las Vegas.The goal is to hit your pre-declared average MPH.  

I am happy to say that my team ( myself and my son) got within 0.5 seconds of our designated time - not bad for a 58 minute race!

Fomapan 200

I have a brick of this stuff in the cooler and finally got around to shooting it.  I used HC110 dil. H for the developer.  I think it’s spent but was able to get usable scans from it. 

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