How WE spent 4:20

4:20 is the abbreviation for a marijuana celebration - here in Colorado it’s legal although not out in the open.  So the thought of going downtown and hanging with a bunch space cadets in dreds is NOT my idea of fun; plus I have my own recipe for relaxation - it’s called Bourbon.

Instead, we headed to the mountains. 

Clouds - Kansas

Just a few cloud pictures taken as soon as they were spotted.  We now have the ability to do this with our smart phones.  The daytime cloud photo was just such a chance spotting.  The sunrise one was taken with a compact camera that had the ability to zoom

Very Large Array

I thought people were making fun of my weight until I found out that VLA is about radio-telescopes!!

Situated just west of Soccoro, New Mexico the VLA is a way to see deeper into outer space

Wednesday Morning Work

I am a morning person - and sometimes it pays to be early - At this time of year, I am able to catch some sunrise photos that others miss.  This was my view this morning going into work.

We are now The Bourbonry

My S.O. says she wants to open a restaurant that serves only entrees that have in part Bourbon as an ingredient.  She has renamed our house The Bourbonry.  So in honor of this “snifter” dream is this entry featuring a 4 grain bourbon from right here in Denver.  AW Laws.

Omar Sosa and Seckou Keita

Went to the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, AZ for a concert put on by Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita and Gustavo Ovalles.  Wonderful Latin Fusion Jazz.  Omar is from Cuba, Seckou from Senegal and Gustavo from Venezuela.  

St Anthony Greek Orthodox Monastery

Located south of Phoenix near Florence, AZ is a wonderful place to visit.  They have strict rules if you want to visit.  Men must wear long sleeve shirts, long pants and shoes with socks.  The women have to wear skirts and long sleeve blouses with scarfs over their hair.  No pictures of the monks are allowed but photos of other parts of the Monastery are allowed.

The monastery follows the coenobitic rule of monastic life: a brotherhood of monks and novices holding all things in common follow a daily schedule of prayer and work under obedience to the abbot, their spiritual father. The monks’ daily program begins at midnight with personal prayer time and spiritual reading, followed by the cycle of morning prayers and the Divine Liturgy. After a light breakfast and a rest period, the monks begin their work day, attending to prayer and their tasks till evening. Tasks include, among others, construction, groundskeeping, vinedressing, gardening, woodworking, publishing, food preparation, and offering hospitality. The day ends with evening Vespers followed by dinner and Compline.”

Black Beauty

On the same day the Leica announced their Q2 - a 28 mm fixed lens digital camera for $5,000, I picked this beauty up for 5% of that cost.  A Leicaflex SL2 in black.  It will never go obsolete as it is already obsolete.  I had a 2 cam 35/2.8 lens that doesn’t play well with the new R cameras but is perfect for the Leicaflex.  Couldn’t be happier.

Actual Size

Actual Size by Ed Ruscha, 1962.  I was researching this artist for my photography stories blog when it was mentioned that this art work was what started his road to fame.  I had forgotten till just recently that I had taken a photo of this same artwork in 1968.  For a 13 year old from Colorado this art was very radical.  I wasn’t used to seeing this kind of thing, let alone having it called art. 

Planned Obsolescence

Was thinking today about the digital v. film debate.  I shoot both but have always thought of digital as an expanding arena of soon to be obsolete

cameras.  After all why shouldn’t they be.  Computer + Lens = digital camera.  So the innards are always getting better.  With Film cameras that doesn’t happen . There won’t be a better, ‘next year’ version of your film camera.  

Today was the introduction of the Leica Q2 which is a super high tech point and shoot with a fixed lens camera.  Looks lovely - it’s only $5000!!!

Today I saw a great deal on a black Leica Leicaflex SL film camera.  Other than the fact that you have to do a little bit of a work around to get the right voltage battery the thing is quite easy to use.  No upgrades, no sensor cleanings.  And in a pinch you can pound nails or repel an assailant with this heavy object.  $250

To each his own.

Weird Flame

Captured this morning while I was in Garden City, KS.  Looking East- Must have been a break in the cloud cover to cause this.  Very dramatic and only lasted about 4 minutes.  

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