Steamboat Springs

Airstream rally to Steamboat Springs.  There was the usual eating and games (corn hole which I don’t play) .  We were able to go to dinner with two other couples to celebrate our July anniversaries.  Also the same couples invited us onto Steamboat Lake on a covered pontoon boat which was glorious.

Surgical Pics

My audience was not happy that I didn’t feature any photos from my heart surgery.  I am making amends by showing you my Gall Bladder as it is being removed from me.  This happened about 5 weeks after the heart surgery.  There will however be NO photos of the scars left behind- even I don’t like to look at them!

Hit the Road Jack - This time it’s Adobe

In a fit of defiance I decided right before going in for open heart surgery to dump Adobe.  Mostly it was because of their subscription model and the word that they were going to start charging $20 instead of $10 for the LR and PS subscription.

To say the least it was NOT easy to get away from them:

I am still working my way thru how to use Capture One.  I agree with the experts that is a better platform in many ways.  I’m not sorry I ditched Adobe. I thought on this 4th of July I would send this message of independence!!

Our Substitute Kitchen

During our remodel we lost the use of our kitchen…… who am I kidding we don’t HAVE a kitchen now.  We are using the ‘studio’ as our kitchen.  It works reasonably well.  Here’s a shot of the prep area.

This by the way is the patron saint of remodeling.  He’s grumpy looking although so far our project is going along fairly well.

It’s been a LONG time

Last time I was here was May 4th.  On the 7th I had open heart surgery to replace a bad valve and two vessel bypass.  This takes a bit to recover from.  Then on June 13 I had to have my gall bladder removed because of attacks.  A week later I was back in the hospital with pancreatitis which is not an uncommon complication of the gall bladder removal.  I am back in the saddle albeit without much strength of stamina.  In honor of being released from hospital….

Amazing Design 2

Sample of how some people have really taken up the charge to redesign their Airstreams - another way to sink more money into your Aluminum Can

Airstream Rally

Annual gathering of Airstreams for the Maintenance Rally where the experts in the group talk about how to maintain your rig.  Very instructive.  I didn’t  go preferring to try to learn a new piece of software.  I know I missed something important but I’ll just have to learn it the old fashioned way - which is to say I will make the mistake and then learn the concept. 

Hugo, Colorado

Out on the eastern plains of Colorado there are many small towns.   Hugo is one such town that I go thru often.  It has about 600 residents and is the Lincoln County seat.   They even have a building on the historical list - their swimming pool  which pays Art Deco homage to an ocean liner

Not on any registry is their drag racer on top of a garage

Midnight in Chernobyl

This is the anniversary of the disaster in Chernobyl.  The largest of its kind in history.  I just finished the book and have to say it appears to be the authoritative tome on the matter written for the lay public.  Incompetence, arrogance and the bravery of a few Russian patriots are on display. Highly recommend this book!

A companion book which also just hit the shelves is Death and Decay by David McMillan which is more of a photographic exploration of just that - the death of the towns around ground zero and regrowth, albeit highly radioactive. Gorgeously printed by Steidl.

Couldn’t Help Myself

Previously I spoke about the Contax line of cameras.

I decided that I should get a Contax TvsII.  I have come up with my shooting scheme for Japan - which I am hoping to visit in October. 

Simply put it will be my new Pixel 3 phone camera plus a film camera.  The TvsII is the perfect small portable camera albeit a slow lens on the upper end of the zoom.  It has a flash so you won’t miss anything important.  I think a film camera in Japan is totally appropriate given their undying devotion to the film camera and to film.  I have done this a lot lately - meaning using both film and digital.  I’m anxious to get over there to try it out.

Contax 167

picked up this camera in Ex+ condition for only $69.  The Contax 167 is a marvelous camera combining all the bells and whistles available to Kyocera in Japan AND the use of Zeiss lenses.  Some of these older film cameras have skyrocketed in price while others seem to languish like the 167.  The Contax G2 and its lenses are now hard to touch without dropping serious coin.  Part of it is that the G2 is cute and has been featured in a number of ad campaigns recently. 

Shot on a round trip tour of Fairplay, Hartsel, Wilerson Pass and then home thru Colorado Springs.  The 167 worked flawlessly.  It also has the advantage of using just 4 AAA batteries to power it rather than some esoteric battery.

How WE spent 4:20

4:20 is the abbreviation for a marijuana celebration - here in Colorado it’s legal although not out in the open.  So the thought of going downtown and hanging with a bunch space cadets in dreds is NOT my idea of fun; plus I have my own recipe for relaxation - it’s called Bourbon.

Instead, we headed to the mountains. 

Clouds - Kansas

Just a few cloud pictures taken as soon as they were spotted.  We now have the ability to do this with our smart phones.  The daytime cloud photo was just such a chance spotting.  The sunrise one was taken with a compact camera that had the ability to zoom

Very Large Array

I thought people were making fun of my weight until I found out that VLA is about radio-telescopes!!

Situated just west of Soccoro, New Mexico the VLA is a way to see deeper into outer space

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