Foma 320 Soft Film

This is what the manufacturer states:” is a panchromatically sensitized special negative black and white film with fine grain, good resolution and contour sharpness. ”   They recommend development in THEIR chemical developer which is where my photos went off the track - have it on order now.  

Needless to say this stuff was anything but fine grained.  I haven’t seen this large of grain anywhere.  Was developed in HC110 B.  Will show the next roll shot as per their recommendations.

Lewis Hamilton - 4th Championship !!

2012 was the first time I’d watched F1 - at the inaugural race in Austin, TX.  We all had no idea who we liked but sitting on turn 11 I decided I’d follow Lewis Hamilton because he seemed to get out of the hairpin sooner than the competition.  He won that race and now has won his 4th world championship.  He deserves everything he’s gotten.  I think , as do many others, the next one to watch for is Max Verstappen

Guanella Pass

Started off as a simple drive from Georgetown up Guanella pass to Highway 285.  Blue sky…..but it’s Colorado so of course there was snow!

Santa Fe

A quick trip to Santa Fe - a fan favorite.  Side trips to Madrid, Galesteo and Tent Rock.  Wonderful dinners in town.  It’s a spiritual place for me.

Kansas in BW

Returned to Monument Rocks this time with BW film.  Not just any film but the recently released Ferrania Film from Italy.  Pretty happy about how the film performed.  It’s an ISO 80 film so not real speedy but it’s worth it to have such nice negatives to work with.  While in Kansas I stopped by the Finney County Courthouse which is where Smith and Hickock were tried and found guilty of murdering the Klutter family

Americana Opening Nite

Kinda corny to stand next to your entry but it’s what I typically like to do.  Some very nice photos on display.  The one selected of mine for inclusion is probably not the one that I would have selected.  All in all I feel very honored to have anything of mine selected.

Modern Americana

Entered a local photo contest where the theme was Americana- upon closer inspection they are going for ‘modern’ americana which is a tough one.  How to know what subject now will be held in regard in 10 years as americana?     Also what’s modern for me is likely to be old school for others.  Anyway for better or worse these are my entries.

Cheap Sunglasses ///// I mean lenses

Some with a $68 Chinese AF Nikon mount lens - it’s not great but they are now charging hundred of $s for “art” lenses that aren’t in focus.  So this is better.  They did want to know if I want a $13 repair plan - what a joke - that’s what trash cans are for.

Diverse Friends

Spotted at a friends house.  While I totally despise this ass-hat I respect my friend so we don’t talk much politics.  Won’t lead either of us to change our minds so it would be a battle with no winners.  And once this POS POTUS ( just coined this acronym - like it?)  is gone I still would like to have my contrarian friends around.  

Book sold instead of being Kept

This book was recommended on The Online Photographer  which is a thinking persons photography blog by Mike Johnston.  So I went and ordered it as a lightly used version from Amazon. I was saddened to see this upon opening the book

The owner was given this book by his parents but at some point he decided he needed to off load it.  I have had the pain and angst of selling off 40-50 photo books at a single time.  It’s heart wrenching, but I’ve never sold a book with a dedication in it.  I will strive to enjoy it as someone’s parents had intended.

Holcomb, Kansas - In Cold Blood

Someone mentioned to me that the “In Cold Blood” house was somewhere in SW Kansas where I go once a month.  Turns out it’s 10 min. drive from Garden City where I travel.  I set out to see the house.  I wasn’t successful because it’s down a single lane private driveway - got close though.  I did snap a picture of this house with a confederate flag and that’s almost as scary as seeing the Clutter Murder House.  The second picture is a Google Maps version the Clutter Farmhouse.  A trailer clip from the movie CAPOTE is also featured.  Wonderfully acted.  The book has some amazing writing and it’s clear why he was thought of as one of Americas best modern writers.

  “It was ideal apple-eating weather; the whitest sunlight descended from the purest sky, and an easterly wind rustled, without ripping” - TC

THE VILLAGE OF HOLCOMB STANDS on the high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call “out there.””-TC

“Like the waters of the river, like the motorists on the highway, and like the yellow trains streaking down the Santa Fe tracks, drama, in the shape of exceptional happenings, had never stopped there.” -TC


The Airstream Camera

Something nifty that we picked up at the Cherry Creek Art Festival - a real Kodak box camera that when you open the back an airstream scene is revealed.  Just caught our eye and we had to have it.

Lotus 7

At High Plains Raceway today and who should show up.  Richard Spritz and Diane Dills - his 911 is quite ready for Vintage Racing next week so he’s out today with a friends Lotus 7 - nice to have friends like that.  

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