The NEW TMax 3200

New from Kodak - when was the last time you heard that phrase?  Well this is the new Tax 3200.  I shot it at ISO 1600 and developed for 9:15 in HC110B.

Connections - a new book

The idea behind connections came from the understanding that at certain points in time and in certain locations there was a critical mass of creative talent. Sometimes it is a location that thru the decades has played host to this talent. At other times the location spawns the nuturing of many talents all rubbing elbows with each other. It is a variation of the “6 degress of separation” game. It is also a novel way to teach history in an organic way. No longer should history be taught simply as a timeline to be memorized. Attaching signficance to each entry in the history book and linking it to others is a better way. Think:

Santa Fe – seeing luminaries in Science ( Manhattan project) , Architeture ( Mary Ann Colter and John Meems) and the Arts ( O’Keeffe)

Los Angeles – in the 1960’s

Paris in the 1950’s and the 1920’s

B and W saved my butt again

Once again I got the exposure wrong on slide film - not hard to do but I really ended up missing it by a lot.  I wasn’t paying attention to the over-exposure ( using too fast of a shutter speed) warnings.  But taking the image into BW helped as I didn’t have to worry about hard to correct color shifts.

Other images from the roll that didn’t need much adjusting

Copper Dog

Spent tonite at School House Kitchen in Arvada sponsored by Copper Dog Whisky.  The history and technique of Scotch distilling was explained.  We sampled CD straight, as a mixer and it was quite a great experience.


2018 Gala for the Wheat Ridge High School STEM program ( Science, technology, engineering and math).  Held at the Forney Transportation Museum. These kids are doing amazing things with hydrogen fuel cells.  These pictures are of items at the museum .  Need to get some photos of THEIR cars.

They had a huge collection of MG cars for their current show.  The airplane is a Fornaire F-1 . A plane that is said to be impossible to stall or spin!

Cadillac Family

My Grandfather was enamored with the Cadillac brand of cars.  Part of it may also have been that his wife was into ostentatious displays of wealth.  

This is Jesse Nitka,grandpa, with his Cadillac.  This was taken in Chicago.  I’m not sure of the year but I want to say it was 1950.  Then at some point the grandparents moved to Colorado to be closer to their only son, my father.  The picture here is not his actual 1956 Caddy but illustrates the brand

The following generation of Nitkas knew Cadillac as well.  Dad bought a 1963 Sedan deVille used.  It was a behemoth of a car.  The only options for engines was a “puny” 390 cu in V8 or the larger 420 cu. in. V8.  The car had everything.  Electric windows, A/C and the ability to pull a full sized Airstream ( those trailers were lighter but still….)

Fast forward to 2018 and I am now a proud owner of a Cadillac ATS-V which is most decidedly NOT your father or grandfather’s Caddy.  This car is track ready with 454 HP, Head up Display, Recaro race seats,  Performance Data Recorder.

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