Ventures on a Saturday

Ventures doing Walk Dont Run originally written in 1954 by Johnny Smith who was a guitar professional living in Colorado Springs, CO where I grew up.  I took lessons at his music store until is was determined that I had absolutely not a single shred of talent.  Best to leave this to professionals was what I was told!

Silver State Challenge

The Silver State Challenge is open road racing along a 90 mile stretch of highway 318 north of Las Vegas.The goal is to hit your pre-declared average MPH.  

I am happy to say that my team ( myself and my son) got within 0.5 seconds of our designated time - not bad for a 58 minute race!

Fomapan 200

I have a brick of this stuff in the cooler and finally got around to shooting it.  I used HC110 dil. H for the developer.  I think it’s spent but was able to get usable scans from it. 

I think 2017 will be the year of FILM

In 2016 I sold off all my digital equipment save for a very nice Panasonic Digital P/S.  I now have mostly film cameras.  I also have stockpiled lots of film.  The truth is that film is making a resurgence.  Ferrania Film is making new film.  Bergger the French company has just released a new film.  There is also CineStill film which is repurposed movie film for 35 mm film cameras.  This truly is the year of film.  I’m doing my part.  Nikon F100 and left over Fuji Provia 400 slide film

Using Format