Pawnee National Grasslands - well almost

Our goal was to drive up I-76 East and go to Pawnee National Grasslands and take pictures.  We took both Porsches to give them exercise which they need on a regular basis.  We got within 30 minutes of the place when we ran out of pavement - we don’t take the P cars on gravel roads.  Turn around we did but we did have a nice time driving.  Nothing in the COVID prohibitions mentions NOT driving and when you live in the west , your places of recreation require you to drive.  I brought my mask and alcohol wipes in case they were needed.  The shot of the gas station in Orchid, Colorado was from my Pixel 3 phone.  I was also shooting 645 Infrared.  Will post those photos if any come out.  We stopped at the big dairy farm in Roggen, Colorado for the Porsche picture.  This is the facility that Tim Baker runs.

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