Planned Obsolescence

Was thinking today about the digital v. film debate.  I shoot both but have always thought of digital as an expanding arena of soon to be obsolete

cameras.  After all why shouldn’t they be.  Computer + Lens = digital camera.  So the innards are always getting better.  With Film cameras that doesn’t happen . There won’t be a better, ‘next year’ version of your film camera.  

Today was the introduction of the Leica Q2 which is a super high tech point and shoot with a fixed lens camera.  Looks lovely - it’s only $5000!!!

Today I saw a great deal on a black Leica Leicaflex SL film camera.  Other than the fact that you have to do a little bit of a work around to get the right voltage battery the thing is quite easy to use.  No upgrades, no sensor cleanings.  And in a pinch you can pound nails or repel an assailant with this heavy object.  $250

To each his own.

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