Rollei InfraRed 400

The trip we took yesterday included shooting 120 Rollei InfraRed 400.  I used to shoot Kodak High Speed IR in BW and even shot the Aerochrome version years ago.  Neither one of these products are available.  Reading the forums it appeared that only the Rollei version was what I’d be looking for.  A rangefinder is the only way to shoot this stuff because you need to use a virtually opaque R72 IR filter.  Can’t really do that with an SLR.  Fortunately I have the Bronica RF 645.  There were some exposing mishaps ( all my fault) but basically shot it using the sunny 16 rule with ISO of 12.  Which gave F/4 @ 1/250 second.  Developed in HC110B for 8.75 minutes.  There was a fair amount of fogging on the edges.  Will have to really load this almost in the dark.

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