Rolleiflex Automat- 60 years old and going strong

I purchased this Automat version the Rolleiflex over 15 years ago.  It is probably 60 years old itself.  I decided to have it refurbished with Harry Fleenor who is legend in this field. I had just finished reading more about Vivian Maier who had done much of her work with a TLR ( twin lens reflex) camera such as the Rolleiflex.  She took amazing shots on the street so I was emboldened to get mine cleaned and updated.  It is not the easiest camera to use compared to today’s cameras.  Even compared to other film cameras this is one that requires preparation and patience.  You have no light meter so you have to use a supplemental one or guess.  It takes 120 film in the 6cm x 6cm format giving you just 12 exposures per roll.  This right there makes you think about every exposure.  That being said you are likely to have a higher ‘hit’ rate than with a modern digital camera.  With digital, so many shots are made simply because we can not because we should.  Getting 120 film processed is also not easy , especially color varieties.  Black and White is not so much a problem is you are used to developing it yourself as I am.  Scanning them is also a process not for the faint of heart.  I have a multiformat scanner that does both 35 mm and 120 so for me at least it is nothing special to get them digitized.  Here are some examples from my first roll.  I shot Tri X at ISO 400 and developed in HC110B

Using Format