Spring Mountain

With the purchase of the Cadillac ATS-V I was given a two day High Performance Driver course at Spring Mountain Motorsport Club in Pahrump, Nevada.

The Motorsport Club is a country club centered around motorsports rather than golf.  Condo’s , clubhouse, spa, swimming pool and then of course the track.

With a great staff we had equal parts chalk talk with being the track.  We had skid pad practice along with running the track noted above.  2nd day was rainy but this was great to learn which mode to select and experience slip and what to do to correct it if the stability software leaves you hanging.

Spent the last nite in Vegas it self.  I am not a fan of Vegas.  Vegas is like a friend that keeps borrowing money but never pays you back - eventually you realize they were never your friend.  Everything has a price in Lost Wages.

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