Stand Development

This is a sample of InfraRed Film ( Rollei 400IR) that I shot at the White Sands National Monument on our recent trip to Arizona.

I wanted to talk about stand development which is where you place the film in very dilute developer and just let it sit there for 60 min. I used a modification of this technique where you do a minimal agitation half way thru the 60 minutes.  This is said to reduce Bromide Drag: Bromide drag lines are a byproduct of development with no agitation. High concentrations of bromide is produced around the perforations and overexposed areas. Without agitation it slowly slides down the surface of the film, inhibiting development and creating drag lines.

There are some very nice things about this form of development - you can mix different ISO films in one tank and develop both the same.  By extension this means if you exposure is not terribly accurate the film may turn out OK as a film strip shot with different exposures stands a better chance of coming out fine.  

When shooting IR it’s a bit of a crap shoot as to what the correct exposure is.  Depends on the amount of IR there is, the light meter you’re using, etc.

For this film I used Rollei 400IR in the 120 format -3 ml of HC110 in 477ml of H20 for 0ne hour with gentle agitation at 30 min.

These photos were shot on Delta 100 and processed HC110 development for 60 min with one or two gentle inversions at 30 min.  They too have signs of Bromide drag - it looks different than on 35 mm film where the banding is from sprocket on one side to the other.  I had odd looking streaks across the 120 film but not every Frame.  The good negatives were preserved with cropping.

Using Format