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  1. Random Bison Photo

    2023-02-04 22:30:10 UTC

    Early morning at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve.  Shot on my iPhone.  Love the clouds behind the bison.  It was cold out so the bison are usually out and about feeding.  In the Summer they tend to hang out by the trees for shade.

  2. Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve

    2022-12-19 23:56:16 UTC

    Went out to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve east of Denver.  Got there before sunrise. Temps were anywhere from 9 to 13 degF.  Great time to catch all sorts of wildlife getting breakfast.  Here are a few shots of Bison - some with film , Digital IR and iPhone…

  3. Dawn at the Wildlife Preserve

    2022-11-12 19:46:04 UTC

    This morning I decided to visit the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve at dawn.  It was a cold morning which is when I think you see the most bison.  20 degF here and only 12 at the preserve. I have a new camera set up that gives me more telephoto…

  4. Don’t Pet the Fluffy Cows!

    2022-07-23 15:03:25 UTC

    My favorite Bison rancher, Dan O’brien doing a Public Service Announcement about people continuing to think that they can get close to bison and survive.  Every year typically in Yellowstone several tourists are injured or killed because they do not heed the warnings from the park rangers.

  5. Memphis Ranch Meat Company

    2022-06-05 00:41:31 UTC

    Spent a nite boon docking at the Memphis Ranch - part of the Harvest Host program.  You pay $100/year which allows you to book unused parking spots - generally no hook ups and they encourage you to patronize the facility that is hosting you.  In this case we bought some…

  6. Rocky Mountain Arsenal

    2022-02-06 15:44:40 UTC

    I’ve been visiting the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve for about a year now.  It’s only 20 minutes from my home but worlds away from the Urban Corridor.  It’s the former site of a nasty place that used to store, test chemical weapons.  It is now the home of Deer…

  7. The Black Hills and Badlands

    2021-06-23 16:59:35 UTC

    This June our Colorado Airstream Club held a one week rally in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We stayed just outside of Custer City but inside of the Custer State Park.  The park is really quite nice and a testament to how much this means to the taxpayers of…

  8. Bison

    2021-04-10 20:14:23 UTC

    Video and photos shot at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve.  The photos were shot on Bergger Pancro 400 @ 400.  

  9. Pawnee Grasslands

    2020-05-21 23:55:06 UTC

    Spent a couple days near the Pawnee National Grasslands.  We opted to stay in a RV camp in Wyoming and make day trips to the grasslands.  We were sort of dumb as we thought there was some grand entrance to the area.  There is not.  There are many county roads…

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