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  1. Interesting COVID Graph

    2021-03-04 22:24:26 UTC

    This is a graph of who is refusing to get vaccinated. Pretty much what you would expect - White Republicans not wanting to protect themselves and others - selfish to the core.  In a Darwinian sense I’d like to think that this would be a point of their extinction.  Unfortunately…

  2. Which Photo Doesn’t Belong

    2021-02-19 01:56:32 UTC

    THEY ALL BELONG - cuz they all happened today. It was one of those days where things ( stars ) were aligned.  Today after much angst trying to find a place to get my COVID vaccine I finally got one - of all places my local Safeway!  Next I received…

  3. I can’t wear a Mask!

    2020-08-22 17:49:26 UTC

  4. More Memes

    2020-05-06 16:26:00 UTC

  5. Memes of the Day

    2020-05-06 03:23:56 UTC

  6. Rabies and the Plague

    2020-04-20 23:23:38 UTC

    With the onset of COVID lock down I decided to read about other infectious diseases - don’t ask me why.  I’m reading other things as well.  I’ve always been fascinated with Rabies - it is after all primarily a neurological disease.  I’ve never seen a case.  WE did recently have…

  7. COVID made me do this

    2020-04-12 15:12:54 UTC

    This COVID lockdown has caused lots of changes - I used to scour YouTube for fun videos - dogs adopting opossums for their friends,  etc.  This lock down has somehow turned dark…… This first video is about exploding a dead whale on the beaches of Oregon in 1970 and how…

  8. Godzilla on Lockdown

    2020-04-12 14:27:52 UTC

    Godzilla is on lockdown like everyone else, though come to think of it , Godzilla has never been infected by any of the nasty things circulating in this world.  I mean he is a tough SOB so that fits.  Anyway he ventured out to our garden the other day -…

  9. Hunkering @ Home

    2020-03-22 20:40:16 UTC

    In the age of COVID19 we are all having to find ways to stay busy without leaving our abodes.  As an introvert this is a little easier for me compared to my mate who loves to leave the house for hours at a time to shop.  She’ll go grocery shopping…

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