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  1. News Link of the Day

    2023-04-08 21:21:39 UTC

    Surviving a Zombie apocalypse in Colorado

  2. 3 States to get to Kansas

    2023-02-11 00:02:54 UTC

    How can you travel to thee states going from Colorado to Kansas when Kansas is on the eastern border of Colorado?  Simple you go Colorado- Nebraska then Kansas Some of the sites along the way: Yuma, CO Haigler, NE Otis, Colorado ditto ditto Last of the Otis Pics

  3. Eastern Colorado

    2022-12-17 14:42:06 UTC

    Goodland, KS NOAA Flagler, CO Some BW that I shot on my last trip to KS for 2022.  Shot with a Leica R4 and a 35-70 zoom on Adox Silvermax.  It was developed in the Silvermax developer but I’m not impressed with any kind of ‘zing’ with the outcome.  Is…

  4. Get Off the Damn Highway Son

    2022-01-23 15:44:27 UTC

    Cope, Colorado A recent trip to Kansas for work I decided to get there by old Highway 36 thru north eastern Colorado.   Byers, Last Chance, Anton, Cope, St Francis Once in Goodland, KS there were other sites to be seen such as there largest easel Technical Note:  Shot on my…

  5. Western Stock Show Parade

    2020-01-10 00:56:17 UTC

    Every year the Western Stock Show is held in Denver.  Several days before the show opens the stock show comes to the streets of Denver - downtown to be exact.  While I was born and raised in Colorado I have never been to the parade.  Usually I was working and…

  6. Dark Circle

    2019-12-24 21:31:45 UTC

    I want to get a little sombre this Christmas Eve, 2019.  I watched this award winning documentary today.  It focuses primarily on the disaster that is Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant.  Let me just quote from a review by a documentarian: Dark Circle’BY BRIAN KNAPPENBERGER Growing up in Broomfield, Colorado, I…

  7. Cars and Coffee September 2019

    2019-09-07 22:12:51 UTC

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