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  1. Sites on the way to Kansas

    2023-04-09 23:17:03 UTC

    Easter Sunday finds me traveling for work to Kansas.  I frequently travel on Highway 36. which takes me thru Cope, Colorado.  This small village has seen better days but for things to photograph it can’t be beat.   U.S. Route 36 (US 36) is an east–west United States highway that travels…

  2. Color Mission

    2023-03-25 01:08:57 UTC

    As I frequently do, I take the back roads to my job in Kansas and I have started to routinely go thru Cope, Colorado which is very close to the Colorado-Kansas border.  On the I found someone who also takes photos in Cope which is really random and rare…

  3. Caffenol

    2023-03-11 14:40:08 UTC

    On my last trip to Kansas I went on Highway 36 which takes you thru Cope, Colorado.  It has some interesting buildings there some of which are abandoned.  Over on there is another photographer who has several Cope pictures which is insane to think that there’s anyone stopping by…

  4. IR on the Road to Kansas

    2022-08-07 22:29:14 UTC

    High Plains Raceway St Francis, KS Cope, CO Cope Goodland, KS Just a few pictures shot with my Digital IR converted Canon point and shoot.  On the way out to Colby I stopped into High Plains Raceway and it was WRL ( World Racing League) weekend.  Then onto Eastern Colorado…

  5. Get Off the Damn Highway Son

    2022-01-23 15:44:27 UTC

    Cope, Colorado A recent trip to Kansas for work I decided to get there by old Highway 36 thru north eastern Colorado.   Byers, Last Chance, Anton, Cope, St Francis Once in Goodland, KS there were other sites to be seen such as there largest easel Technical Note:  Shot on my…

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