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  1. Dinner Downtown

    2023-03-12 16:48:23 UTC

    Before going to dinner we went to the Denver Art Museum for a quick look at a photography exhibition called “Other People’s Photographs” Then it was onto Fire - the restaurant inside the Art Hotel.  They also had some nice art on the inside

  2. Denver with BW film

    2023-03-11 15:49:54 UTC

    Went to History Colorado last weekend.  Took the Olympus OM-4 with Ilford HP5+.  This roll was developed in Cafenol ( Delta formula)

  3. Vine of Death MOP

    2023-03-05 00:37:00 UTC

    Vine of Death: John Davenport February 17 – March 5, 2023 Pirate Contemporary Art Opening Reception: Friday, February 17, 6 – 1o pm Artist Talk: Saturday, March 4, 2 pm In Vine of Death, artist John Davenport addresses his father’s career at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal and his role in…

  4. Avants Tour of Black Mountain Motorworks

    2021-08-30 00:10:58 UTC

    Icon VW Really BIG Dawg 1 of a kind paint color Another Saturday , another AVANTS get together.  This time at Black Mountain Motorworks.  They offer secure air conditioned storage for high end vehicles.  They have a kitchen , sitting area and small conference room on the 2nd floor so…

  5. Month of Photography - Denver

    2021-03-18 18:21:14 UTC

    So March is the Month of Photography here in Denver which is sponsored in part by the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.  As a volunteer I was sent to photograph the RedLine Contemporary Art Center.  Not very difficult - take a few pictures then scram!. Unlike a lot of galleries this…

  6. Road Trip 2020

    2020-09-07 14:45:52 UTC

    I flew to Seattle ( Gig Harbor) and my sister and I proceeded to drive back to Denver for a small family reunion.  She was here for about two weeks and then we reversed our trip.  The return drive had us going to Driggs, Idaho to visit  Jan Yalich Betts…

  7. Riverside Cemetery

    2020-07-06 01:49:17 UTC

    On July 4th we got up early an made a pilgrimage of sorts to Denver’s Riverside Cemetery.  I’m not being cute when I say this is a ‘dead’ cemetery in that burial plots are no longer being sold.  They lost their Platte River water rights in the early 2000’s and…

  8. More Stock (Show) Photos

    2020-01-21 14:42:37 UTC

    I just got these.  Shot on Fuji Natura 1600 film which is no longer produced.  I shot it at box speed.  Grain is there but it lets you know that its film not digital!

  9. Western Stock Show Parade

    2020-01-10 00:56:17 UTC

    Every year the Western Stock Show is held in Denver.  Several days before the show opens the stock show comes to the streets of Denver - downtown to be exact.  While I was born and raised in Colorado I have never been to the parade.  Usually I was working and…

  10. Cold Saturday Walk with Duke

    2019-12-15 18:38:42 UTC

    The Highland Bridge is the third of three pedestrian bridges to connect Downtown Denver with the Highland neighborhood. The bridge crosses the Valley Highway between Platte Street and Central Street as an extension of the 16th Street Mall. The bridge was opened on December 16, 2006. Valley Highway is really…

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