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  1. Godzilla on Lockdown

    2020-04-12 14:27:52 UTC

    Godzilla is on lockdown like everyone else, though come to think of it , Godzilla has never been infected by any of the nasty things circulating in this world.  I mean he is a tough SOB so that fits.  Anyway he ventured out to our garden the other day -…

  2. Lucky Dragon 5

    2020-02-21 23:21:13 UTC

    A little article on the NHK - Japanese TV feed come on while I was working out and it’s work a mention One of the last remaining fisherman from the Lucky Dragon 5 died at age 87: A former crew member of a Japanese fishing boat exposed to the nuclear

  3. Godzilla Haiku

    2019-12-13 22:31:50 UTC

    Part of my Godzilla Haiku Picture Project.

  4. My Wife’s Life is sparred

    2019-12-05 17:26:58 UTC

    Because I found mini-Gojira today in the driveway.  He was dirty, cold and hungry so I cleaned him up and told him he can be an indoor only Gojira.  Currently he’s gnawing on my amaryllis. 私は妻にミニゴジラを1日使用させましたが、彼女は雪の中で彼を失いました。 今日私は彼を見つけた-彼は今、ただの屋内ゴジラになるだろう!

  5. Man Kills Wife……..

    2019-11-27 15:33:30 UTC

    because she has lost my special Godzilla keychain that I bought in Kyoto.  She thinks that it’s lost in a snow bank.  She should know better……Gojira as he is know to his friends does NOT like the cold!!

  6. dekanta Contest

    2019-11-04 17:11:10 UTC

    dekanta is the company that I bought my bottle of Yamazaki Whisky from.  They sent it from Japan and it came with white gloves!  They run a social media contest where they want you to take a picture of you holding your bottle with the white gloves.  For good measure…

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