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  1. Trinity River - Charley Crockett

    2023-11-18 02:00:53 UTC

  2. Midnight Run - Mr. James Hand

    2023-10-21 17:04:53 UTC

    Mr. James Hand is a favorite of Charley Crockett which is where I found this YouTube Here is Charley Crockett’s version

  3. Miles Davis - So What

    2023-10-15 00:18:03 UTC

  4. Welcome to Hard Times - Live

    2023-10-07 20:57:18 UTC

    Still after all these months of listening to Charley he is still a talent hard to beat.

  5. Try That in a Small Town

    2023-08-03 15:18:22 UTC

    Jason Aldean’s recent song/music video has caught a lot of flak.  I’ve put the video link so others can judge for themselves.  It is a very dark/negative view of things.  It does nothing to talk about the positives of small towns.  It really shows the small towns = small minds…

  6. Sierra Ferrell

    2023-07-29 01:51:40 UTC

  7. Kenny Vaughn

    2023-05-27 22:16:40 UTC

  8. Tokyo Groove - Jyoshi

    2023-05-27 12:45:56 UTC

  9. ZZ Top

    2023-04-07 21:58:20 UTC

  10. Long Cool Women

    2023-03-25 23:27:10 UTC

  11. Charley Crockett - Artist of the Year

    2023-01-06 20:06:06 UTC

    For me, Charley Crockett is the artist of the year.  He might be heir apparent to Dwight Yoakam and certainly is a breath of fresh air for the country music scene.  I doubt they have noticed as mainstream C & W has drifted off beacon and beyond the buoys!  His…

  12. I Shall Be Released

    2022-12-30 14:45:06 UTC

    I have one more day being under contract with Centura.  This will be my last time with Centura and I’m happy as hell about that.  There have been so many former Centura employees that have quit, fired , discharged who are competent, compassionate.  We could start our own hospital system.  

  13. Paint it Blue

    2022-12-18 01:16:10 UTC

  14. William Tyler

    2022-11-27 21:00:18 UTC

  15. What Becomes of the Broken Hearted

    2022-11-12 20:11:59 UTC

  16. No Diggity

    2022-11-10 23:27:07 UTC

    First is the original - I’m not a rap fan so don’t blame me if you hate it.  Blackstreet - No Diggity (Official Music Video) ft. Dr. Dre, Queen Pen Now The Cleverly’s version - I’m down with Blue Grass

  17. Lee Ritenour

    2022-08-10 15:10:26 UTC

  18. I’m Just a Clown

    2022-08-03 13:13:46 UTC

  19. Pipeline

    2022-07-20 18:56:16 UTC

  20. Elise Trouw

    2022-07-03 14:50:55 UTC

  21. Breakout

    2022-06-23 22:51:46 UTC

  22. Changes by Charles Bradley

    2022-06-11 15:13:46 UTC

  23. Ronnie Hawkins has flown the Coop

    2022-05-30 01:43:33 UTC

    Ronald Hawkins, (January 10, 1935 – May 29, 2022) was an American/Canadian rock and roll musician whose career spanned more than half a century. His career began in Arkansas, where he was born and raised. He found success inOntario, Canada, and lived there for most of his life. He is…

  24. Clouds by Pat Metheny

    2022-05-07 15:10:55 UTC

  25. Wild Child

    2022-03-28 01:05:53 UTC

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