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  1. Highway 61 Revisited

    19 Dec 2021

    Dave Alvin’s rendition of Bob Dylans Highway 61 Revisited - 

  2. Russians doing American Pop

    28 Nov 2021

    Leonid and Friends doing “My Old School” by Steely Dan - an exact cover - it’s great

  3. I’ve got Spurs

    08 Nov 2021

  4. The Dead South

    06 Nov 2021

  5. Whole Lotta Love - by Prince

    02 Sep 2021

  6. Fast as You

    05 Apr 2021

  7. Synchronicity II

    27 Mar 2021

  8. Saturday Nite Hendrix

    28 Feb 2021

  9. My Old School

    19 Feb 2021

  10. Thousand Miles from Nowhere

    15 Feb 2021

  11. 38 Special by Lexington Lab Band

    19 Jan 2021

  12. Turn it On, Turn it UP, Turn me Loose

    12 Jan 2021

  13. Mash Up to End ALL Mash Ups

    23 Dec 2020

  14. David Byrne Syndrome

    27 Nov 2020

    I’ve created a new medical syndrome called “Once in a Lifetime” syndrome.  I came upon this because a relative called to say that their mate had entered into a confusional state and wanted to know what to do. The description was that the person kept asking the same question over…

  15. A Man of Constant Sorrow

    05 Nov 2020

    In constant sorrow all through my days! I am a man of constant sorrow, I’ve seen trouble all my days. I bid farewell to old Kentucky, The place where I was born and raised The place where he was born and raised! For six long years, I’ve been in trouble…

  16. The Amazing Hamiltones

    24 Oct 2020

    These guys are the real deal - saw them live as the warm up band to Ry Cooder.  This is how you sing gospel music

  17. Hold on Losely

    15 Sep 2020

  18. .38 Special

    17 Aug 2020

    Just your aTypical Awesome Texas Rock Band

  19. Pat Metheny for a Saturday Morning

    25 Jul 2020

    An amazing talent with side men ( women) that are equally gifted.  Take a listen

  20. Amazing Guitarist

    29 Jun 2020

  21. Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen

    28 Jun 2020

    Below is a bass cover of the same song.  

  22. Wipeout in Japan

    23 Jun 2020

  23. Two Cellos - amazing

    25 May 2020

  24. Ventilator Playlist

    04 Apr 2020

    I know this is morbid but with COVID controlling our lives it felt appropriate to put together a playlist.  Not just any playlist but one that would surely rouse me out of my coma if I were to be on a ventilator.  I will send this to my sister who…

  25. Leon Bridges - Coming Home

    03 Apr 2020

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