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  1. Impossible Project

    23 Sep 2019

    I was invested in The Impossible Project early on but didn’t think the film was that great.  Just today with cleaning up I found my stash of photos taken with this film.  Not as negative as I once was.  

  2. Old Film/Old Cameras

    22 Sep 2019

    The surest way to fail in photography technically is to grab an old point and shoot that you’ve never used and put in 16 year expired film and go shooting.  You folks will just have to wait till I get the film back but his is exactly what I did…

  3. What’s at Auction?

    20 Sep 2019

    A very few of the offerings at the latest Christie’s Photography Auction

  4. Shot on Double XX

    01 Sep 2019

    Started off as a BW Cinema only film.  Now is available in 35 mm cassettes for still photography.  Here are a few shots, M7 35/1.4 ASPH.  A little graining on these scans.  When the film is sent back to me I will rescan and see if that’s what the problem…

  5. The Fence

    24 Aug 2019

    Largest outdoor photography exhibit is what The Fence purports to be.  Went to the Cherry Creek Park installation this morning.  Very nice exhibit and very inspiring.

  6. Bronica RF 645

    19 Aug 2019

    This is a rangefinder 645.  The lens is very sharp and it’s easy to use walking along a street.  It doesn’t have TTL metering so the exposures aren’t always perfect.  Here’s a sample of photos taken in the last two weeks

  7. Nikon 35i

    16 Aug 2019

    This is from Ken Rockwell’s review: “The Nikon 35Ti was a rich guy’s vacation camera. The model name means 35(mm lens) and Titanium covers. It cost about a grand ($1,000) when it came out in 1993.  The Nikon 35Ti is one of the very best non-SLR 35mm film…

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