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  1. Nikon F2A

    2023-01-15 02:05:17 UTC

    This is the predecessor to all the modern film Nikons: Nikon F2 is a 35mm film professional, mechanical shutter SLR system camera by manufactured by Nippon Kogaku K. K., Japan (Nikon Corporation since 1988), introduced in 1971 using Nikon F mount for interchangeable lenses. It is the successor of successful…

  2. Master Photography Printers

    2022-11-18 21:23:47 UTC

    Interesting YouTube about those that still print.  I object to the first part of the video where they imply that if you’re not in NYC you’re no where.  They clearly focused on photographers who are New York -centric.  So much great photography is being done in all parts of the…

  3. Other Peoples Pictures @ DAM

    2022-09-03 16:47:39 UTC

    Finally the Denver Art Museum is hosting some interesting photography exhibits.  Last month I went to the Georgia O’keefe exhibit and this month it’s some of the collected photography of other photographers by Robert Adams.  The pictures seen here are followed in the next frame by the description.  I would…

  4. Georgia O’keefe Photographer

    2022-07-30 23:19:59 UTC

    Denver Art Museum had a great exhibit of and about Georgia O’keefe’s photography.  Most of us including me ( until seeing this exhibit) think of GO as this great painter who was married to Alfred Steiglitz a central figure in 20th century photography.  She was however her own photographer relying…

  5. Robert Adams and Wheat Ridge, CO

    2021-12-01 01:22:46 UTC

    Robert Adams is an internationally recognized photographer that I’ve had an interest in for several years.  When first introduced to him I was not at all impressed with his photography.  It was only looking at more of his portfolio that I fell in love with his offerings.  This is what…

  6. Hiroshi Sugimoto Jekyl and Hyde

    2021-08-12 12:58:56 UTC

    There’s a great NY Times article about one of my favorite photographers.  Talks about aspects of his art that I never knew about.   This is an example of his ground breaking photography and is instantly identifiable as a Sugimoto - no one has dared copy his style because it’s so…

  7. Rollei RPX 25

    2021-02-07 02:40:12 UTC

    I’ve learned to not be afraid of shooting outdated Black and White film - it works out fine.  No adjustments in ISO or development times.  This is NOT true of color film especially E-6 slide film.  Anyway I found an 8 year old roll of Rollei RPX 25 and shot…

  8. Daily Photography Habits

    2020-11-07 14:28:26 UTC

    Every morning, now that I’m retired, I am up by 6:30 am thanks to my dog Arbus.  Let the hounds out, take my pills and start the coffee. Then with coffee in hand I start the computer.  The photo websites that I check in with include The Online Photographer. Contemplative…

  9. Fatal case of G.A.S.

    2020-02-20 17:49:39 UTC

    G.A.S. is Gear Acquisition Syndrome - for many like me it ain’t a syndrome but a dang disease!  I made the acquaintance of someone on Instagram who goes by the name “girlwithtoomanycameras” with 40.  I happened to do camera inventory yesterday because it was cold and snowy out.  To my…

  10. Prairie Madness is Published

    2020-02-19 14:41:24 UTC

    Prairie Madness is now out for publication by Without trying, I have slowly been doing a project about prairie photography.  I am generally not a ‘project’ photographer being distracted all the time.  But if you take enough subject based photos you end up with a project.  I have been…

  11. B and W from Benson Sculpture Park

    2020-01-28 22:19:31 UTC

    Shot with a basic Pentax K-1000 and a standard 50mm lens.  Although the lime green coloration makes it special :)

  12. RiNo River North

    2020-01-12 17:36:09 UTC

    What used to be a “bad” part of Denver has been transformed into an arts district with extensive wall and alley art.  Had a huge meal at Osaka Ramen, one of many eateries now in the area.

  13. Crappy Camera + Ages Old Film =

    2020-01-04 01:22:01 UTC

    What do you get with a crappy camera from ? the 1980’s and Film that is at least 16 years old?  Well I’m here to show you - not very much is the brief answer.  The claim to fame for this camera is the large viewfinder.  Unfortunately this does not…

  14. Best of 2019

    2020-01-01 16:07:33 UTC

    Everyone is doing the best of, and I didn’t want to be left out so here’s my selections from the vault

  15. Canon AE1 with Tri-X

    2020-01-01 02:23:34 UTC

    The obligatory test roll when you get a new camera.  For me this was a new to me Canon AE1.  This was my first SLR.  My father went out and he bought two of ‘em - one for me and one for him.  They are cheap to buy and the…

  16. Fuji Acros II first roll

    2019-12-17 15:18:48 UTC

    Fujifilm announced a ways back that they were re-introducing Acros as Across II.  It is claimed that it’s the finest grain ISO 100 film out there.  I had not shot much of it all when it was discontinued.  Mystical thinking has always led me to try new cameras and/or film…

  17. Lomo’s Berlin 400 film

    2019-12-17 00:26:43 UTC

    I had forgotten that I ordered this film awhile back.  Showed up last week in the 120 format.  I took out the Bronica 645 RF with the standard 65mm lens.  Here are a series of photos taken at Crown Hill park.  Developed in HC110 dil. B for about 8 min…

  18. RetroChrome 320

    2019-12-01 00:22:34 UTC

    RetroChrome is government surplus Eastman Ektachrome. Made for industrial and governmental applications, Kodak adds “it is color reversal camera film that is intended for photography under daylight illumination. Among its many applications are news photography, sporting events and industrial photography.” The film is cold-stored expired. The film performs excellent at

  19. No Comment

    2019-11-27 02:07:22 UTC

    My new self published book of Japan Photos taken on film .  This was from our October Trip to Japan.  I wanted a book that just showed photos without my stupid comments.  Only the last page has some text.  This was in addition to a book that I just completed…

  20. More Photos from Japan

    2019-11-01 03:23:52 UTC

    More of my Japan photos such as they are.

  21. PreConceived Notion of Japanese Photography

    2019-11-01 03:18:04 UTC

    This reviewing of modern Japanese photography has been a real eye opener.  I thought of Japanese photography as being like Haiku. bonsai, meal prep in Japan - very nice, orderly, calm and non-confrontational.  Sort of like Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work seen below Instead I’m confronted with photographers like Araki and Daido…

  22. Kimura Ihei

    2019-10-31 00:40:34 UTC

    hei Kimura[1] (木村 伊兵衛 Kimura Ihei, 12 December 1901 – 31 May 1974) was one of the most celebrated Japanese photographers of the twentieth century, particularly known for his portrayal of Tokyo and Akita Prefecture.Born on 12 December 1901 in Shitaya-ku (now Taitō-ku), Tokyo, Kimura started taking photographs when very…

  23. Getting my head around Japanese Photography - Domon Ken

    2019-10-30 16:53:05 UTC

    After getting home from Japan, I realized that I didn’t know much about Japanese Photography/Photographers.  So I’ve been doing some reading and present some of the things I’ve learned Domon KenKen Domon was born in 1909 in Sakata, in the North-Western Yamagata prefecture, however his family moved to Tokyo when…

  24. What you can do with a cheap camera and lens

    2019-09-26 01:30:59 UTC

    The premise was to get a cheap Nikon Film SLR and have it in our trailer all the time.  Then I just need to bring film and batteries.  I selected the Nikon EM because I just got it back from repair and needed to ensure that it was working.  I…

  25. Impossible Project

    2019-09-23 01:55:40 UTC

    I was invested in The Impossible Project early on but didn’t think the film was that great.  Just today with cleaning up I found my stash of photos taken with this film.  Not as negative as I once was.  

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