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  1. Prairie Future

    2023-06-18 01:48:23 UTC

    Prairie Futures is a public artwork and agriculture landscape installation which aims to cultivate cross-disciplinary approaches to climate compassion through art practices and social connections in the Colorado High Plains.Inspired by farmhouse architecture and crop circle formations the 2-acre Prairie Futures site is a social-ecological garden designed for the diversification…

  2. More Color Mission

    2023-03-25 13:48:16 UTC

    Wheeler , KS Idalia, Colorado The first two images are from an interesting cemetery near the intersection of Highway36 and Kansas 27.  It is near the town of Wheeler and St. Francis.

  3. Eastern Colorado

    2022-12-17 14:42:06 UTC

    Goodland, KS NOAA Flagler, CO Some BW that I shot on my last trip to KS for 2022.  Shot with a Leica R4 and a 35-70 zoom on Adox Silvermax.  It was developed in the Silvermax developer but I’m not impressed with any kind of ‘zing’ with the outcome.  Is…

  4. Another Month, Another trip to Kansas

    2022-09-12 23:02:16 UTC

    Hugo, CO White Horse ON Highway 287

  5. Rocky Mountain Arsenal

    2022-02-06 15:44:40 UTC

    I’ve been visiting the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Preserve for about a year now.  It’s only 20 minutes from my home but worlds away from the Urban Corridor.  It’s the former site of a nasty place that used to store, test chemical weapons.  It is now the home of Deer…

  6. Back to Kansas

    2021-11-20 01:57:14 UTC

    EARLY on I-70 Well I’m going back to Kansas to work part time.  This time to Goodland and Atwood in the NorthWest corner of the state.  Here are some additional images from the trip I took today Flagler, CO

  7. 10,000 Steps yesterday

    2021-06-06 14:18:00 UTC

    Currently my walking goal is 4000 steps per day but yesterday I did 10,000.  I did it by getting up early and going to the Lafayette Cars and Coffee Next was doing my Walkathon to support prairie preservation.  June 5th is national prairie day and Southern Plains Land Trust was…

  8. Lost Chance Module Array

    2020-11-30 18:02:50 UTC

    This is part of a series of art projects by M12 Studio.  Here’s what they say about in on their website Last Chance Module Array. Last Chance, Colorado. (Modules No. 4, 5). With Onix Architects, Groningen, the Netherlands. 2015-2016. The Last Chance Module Array is part of M12’s Prairie Module

  9. Simla Cemetery

    2020-06-28 19:22:45 UTC

    I made a trip back to Simla where I was born.  Another chance to take pictures on the plains.  Highway 24 which takes you from Colorado Springs to Simla has really gotten busy.  People are living along this route whereas every 10 years ago there was really nothing between Colorado…

  10. Prairie Madness is Published

    2020-02-19 14:41:24 UTC

    Prairie Madness is now out for publication by Without trying, I have slowly been doing a project about prairie photography.  I am generally not a ‘project’ photographer being distracted all the time.  But if you take enough subject based photos you end up with a project.  I have been…

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