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  1. Camp Snaps Camera

    2023-10-29 15:06:14 UTC

    As much as I was disappointed in the Alfie Half Frame is how much I am impressed with this plastic digital camera.  It is even upgradeable - didn’t like the audio quest so you now have the choice of silencing them with an upgrade.

  2. You Learn Something every Day

    2022-11-18 21:27:54 UTC

    While preparing a lecture about B and W photography I came across the suggestion for Digital shooters to shoot RAW + jpg.  Set your creative or scene settings to B & W.  This way you get your color image in RAW but a jpg that is B & W to…

  3. Quarter Century in My Hand

    2020-12-23 14:20:52 UTC

    This is what a quarter century of photography looks like.  4Tb to be specific.  Dad taught me photography when I was about 13 but I really wasn’t serious about this pursuit until his passing in 1996.  Since then I’ve made it my passion.  In the last three years I’ve done…

  4. Lakeside Amusement Park

    2019-12-28 14:41:36 UTC

    Lakeside Amusement Park is a family-owned[1] amusement park in Lakeside, Colorado, adjacent to Denver. Originally named White City, it was opened in 1908 as a popular amusement resort adjacent to Lake Rhoda by the Denver Tramway, making it a trolley park.[2] The amusement park was soon sold to Denver

  5. Roxborough State Park

    2019-12-24 13:42:15 UTC

    Taken on a recent trip using expired ( 2013) Acros BW film.  There was a lot of dust on the negatives AND then I go an drop two or three strips on the floor for added measure!!  The scans from the Nikon 4000 were not good.  I decided to try…

  6. Picture Please

    2019-12-21 15:20:25 UTC

    Went out the other day picturing.   Canon FTb with Kodak 5222.

  7. Void Tokyo

    2019-11-22 16:45:01 UTC

    VoidTokyo is a street photography journal published by a dozen or so enthusiasts.  I purchased Vol 3 and 6 .  I was very impressed with the quality of the magazine and it’s printing.  The street photography scene in Tokyo appears to be very vibrant.  Why shouldn’t it be?  We spent…

  8. Photo Books

    2019-11-10 17:04:13 UTC

    I decided that I should give away duplicates of the photo books I’ve done over the years.  I realized I made photo books at the drop of a hat - not a bad thing but I have a lot of them.  I have no idea if any of them are…

  9. Early Success is NOT a Predictor

    2019-11-07 22:55:02 UTC

    I  visited the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Denver to see the exhibit of Francesca Woodman - a photographer that I DON’T hold in high esteem.  It was interesting that some of her early work is not bad compared to the photos that she took later on. Just us…

  10. Finally someone put into words why WE don’t like Susan Sontag

    2019-09-23 02:08:31 UTC

    Have you ever tried to like something because it was the thing to do?  We all have.  I was told that Susan Sontag was a genius so I picked up her book ON PHOTOGRAPHY.  As I’m trying to read her book I thought that she must not have ever photographed…

  11. Instant Story

    2019-09-01 15:46:14 UTC

    Working on a new self publish photo book.  It is called ’ Instant Story’ and consists of shots made on the Fuji Instax camera.  

  12. A beginner’s Blog

    2019-08-18 17:31:12 UTC

    I started commonmanphotography blog as a place where newcomers could learn more about photography - especially digital photography.  It is at first mostly about equipment because this is where most of us start.  Ideally, you would start at technique, how to see, what is your vision?  The fact is that…

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