The Little Camera that Could

I just acquired this little gem of a camera from Japan. Comes from Japan Camera Hunter which is run by Bellamy Hunt who has absolutely glorious things to buy most of which are outside of my budget. This little camera was within the budget so it was purchased. It has a zoom going from 24 to 50 mm which is a wonderful range if you do street photography. It has flash. Something I’ve never seen before is a left and right shutter button. You can use both or activate one of the other. It has a feature allowing you to take selfies and film wind out which means the film in the canister is wound out at the beginning and as you shoot the film it is wound back into the canister.  This feature means that if for some reason the back of the camera opens up you only expose film that hasn’t been shot.  

These pictures were shot on Ilford XP2  which is a chromogenic black-and-white film that is a C 41 process. I’ve just started to process my own C 41. So this particular outing I did something which I generally don’t recommend to beginners which is to try out a new camera, new film, new film processing. In the end everything worked out just great.

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